GMIAU Newsletter
May 2017
Story of Farai from Zimbabwe

I first came to the UK in 2006. It was very difficult in Zimbabwe, the people who were supposed to help you would attack you. It was difficult to know who to trust. It was very, very difficult. My wife and child got their leave to remain in the UK very quickly but I didn’t and we had to live separately for many years. We have had another child whilst we have been here. I had to wait seven and a half years for my temporary visa and another two years for my indefinite leave to remain.

What you are going through for these years is very, very stressful. Nothing went well with the Home Office, my case went on and on with a negative answer. They demanded so many things which was very hard. If you are an asylum seeker, you don’t have rights, so what can you do? It’s all about staying at home, they give you vouchers, and you bring some food to feed yourself. You just sit there, then go and report at the reporting centre. That is your life. I went to college and did Access levels 1 and 2, but after that you have to pay and have 5 years leave to remain, so I had to stay home. It’s so stressful to stay for a long time without an answer.

The Unit have played a very big role in my life. For any solicitor to make a fresh claim they need money. If you are not allowed to work in this country, if you are not allowed to go to university, if you are not allowed to travel, where do you think you are going to get the money? I couldn’t have managed financially without GMIAU.

My solicitor has been efficient. She has done a very good job of fighting for my rights and appealing against inappropriate decisions. She has been fighting right up to the end. At last she had a smile. So I was very happy.

Now I can have a holiday, I can work and do anything I want to. I am free and don’t have that stress.

Refugee Week Art Exhibit

The All4One group was set up to create a safe social space for children and young people who are seeking asylum or have been trafficked.

This month the group visited the Manchester Art Gallery and worked with local artist Hariet Hall to create works of art. These will be exhibited at various locations for Refugee Week 2017.

Stay tuned to find out when and where!

The fate of the 'jungle' children
The door into GMIAU is on the corner of two busy roads near a hospital in north Manchester. Nestling between a barbers with a budgie in the window and a pharmacy, it is busy today. Lots of people go through our door. Inside the waiting room is full. Drinks and biscuits need topping up regularly as people sit and wait. There is something unusual about lots of the people waiting. They are children.
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