GMIAU Newsletter
July 2017


Let's continue to reunite families!

Dear Supporter,

Every year we help parents and children who have been torn apart to reunite in the safety of the North West. People who have been granted refugee status have the right to apply to bring married or civil partners, same-sex partners and children under the age of 17 to reunite here in the UK.

However, legal funding for this type of application was removed in 2013. This leaves refugees with only three alternatives: to pay for advice, to make an application for ‘exceptional case funding’ or to complete the application without legal advice and assistance.  

In response to these cuts in funding, GMIAU set up a project which is committed to making sure that refugees can assert their right to family reunion. We are grateful for Future Advice Fund for making it possible to support 104 refugees to bring 183 family members to the UK in the last year!

One of the people we supported is Jamal, who approached us to assist him in preparing the application for a Refugee Family Reunion for his daughter who was living with elderly relatives in Iran. Through the perseverance of Jamal, our team and the volunteers who support the project, Aida joined his father in the on the 8th of April. Despite the long journey, one of their first stops once united in Manchester was the GMIAU office in Crumpsall. They were so happy and thankful to be together in the safety of their new home!

However, the challenge we face is the increased need for this service which is no longer funded. People are recognised as refugees in the UK, but their rights for Refugee Family Reunion are not honoured. This is why we are asking for your support. Your donation will allow us to continue our work and positively change the life of people living in the North West.

While we are most thankful for the support of 10 volunteers who work with refugees to gather documents for the Refugee Family Reunion application, we need to raise £30,000 to fund our work for the coming year. To enable us to reach this target and help more people like Jamal and Aida, we are asking people like you to help raise these vital funds.

I hope you will not mind me bringing this need to your attention. It would mean so much if you could send a donation to help us continue our work. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Yours sincerely,

Sara Naim

Development Manager - Fundraising and Communications


Briefing Paper on Refugee Family Reunion
Read our Briefing Paper on Refugee Family Reunion to find out more details about this important support service that GMIAU provides to refugees and their families. 
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