GMIAU Newsletter
December 2017
Thank you for your support in another busy year!
2017 has been another busy year at GMIAU but it's also been one full of achievements. We have supported individuals, families and unaccompanied children from around the world who have been forced to seek safety in the UK. Our already stretched services providing both legal representation and 1:1 support have continued to see an increase in need and we continue to do our best to support all those with the most pressing and urgent of cases.
We've helped people like Olivia who told us, "I was trafficked to the UK and had to do a lot of things I didn't want to. My life was very hard". GMIAU successfully fought for Olivia's right to asylum in the UK. Now Olivia is able to say "I can make plans for the future, I want to study more and do more work. My children are happy and our future feels much more secure". 
Olivia's story is just one of many that we have been able to present in our 2017 Impact Report. The Impact Report demonstrates the type of work we undertake and the support we provide on a daily basis. If you haven't had chance to read it yet, you can read the report by clicking on the image below. 


A very merry Christmas to you all! 
We're having a break over Christmas but we won't be away for long!
The office will be shut from 25/12/17 and will reopen on 2/1/18.
There will be no drop in on 2/1/18. The first drop in of the year will be on 9/1/18. 
Our ASHA service will be shut until 8/1/17 and the first drop in of the year will be on 10/1/18. 
We wish you all a very relaxing break and all the very best for 2018!
We did it! ASHA Fundraising Update
A huge thanks to all those who gave generously to the ASHA Christmas appeal. 
We asked for your support to raise £2000 by Christmas to help keep the ASHA drop in going next year and we smashed it! 
The current amount raised is £2411.00. 
There's still time to give if you would like to. Every amount donated is going to make a huge difference in keeping the ASHA project going next year. 
Also, donating is a great alternative to sending Christmas cards, especially as it's now too late to get them in the post!
The campaign runs for a further 8 days and you can donate by clicking on the link below. 
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