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All4one Information for Referrers:

Thank you for making this referral.

The group meets every Wednesday 4:30-8pm at the Powerhouse in Moss Side (M14 4SL). There is a shared meal each week (Halal / Vegetarian). There are occasional trips out such as to play bowling or go to the cinema.

Young People joining the all4one group should have their own mobile phone.

The young person should be confident in travelling to the city centre / Powerhouse on their own (or dropped off and collected by staff / foster carer)

All4one contact number is 07421 312 170 (Becky - Wednesdays only). Please ask the young person to save this in their phone in order to receive messages about the group. If the number is not saved the messages don't get through (we use a whatsapp broadcast group).

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